Potholes and Belly-flops

“Page 3 Model's Journey from Drug Addiction and Promiscuity to Daughter of God”

Susie Flashman Jarvis

ISBN: 9780955913587

209 Pages

Published Apr 2013


Paperback £9.99 Kindle £6.60
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Page Three model, serially unfaithful, heroin addict.

Loving mother, honourable wife, daughter of God.

Two lives. One woman. One God.

Susie was a rising star of the modelling world. Her image graced TV screens, billboards and magazine covers across the globe. But she was a private failure, addicted to Class A drugs and promiscuously jumping from one broken relationship to another.

Then God…

A life transformed; a loving Father nurturing and disciplining a wilful, frightened daughter towards healing and reconciliation. A story of God invading the everyday joys and pains of family life.

Once a body exposed to shame and lust.

Now a life laid bare to tell of the Father’s love.

  • If you like stories of God's transforming love and power, then you will love this account of one woman's colourful journey through life. Susie tells it with disarming honesty and helpfully recounts the ongoing healing process through her journal, her conversational walk with the Lord and the application into life of the truth that she reads in the Bible. You will hear many other tales of radical change, but this one is told from the hindsight of several decades and offers hope and encouragement to all who will persevere as she has done.

    Anne Coles, leadership of New Wine, with special responsibility for women
  • Joyous and heart-breaking. Shocking but inspirational. The ruthlessly honest, movingly written, self-penned story of Susie, our lifelong friend, and her journey of struggle, redemption and hope.

    Steve Chalke MBE, Founder, Oasis UK, and Cornelia Chalke
  • An amazing story of transformation told with honesty and passion. This book will touch the lives of all who read it and give hope to those who feel that, because of their past, they can never be free. Susie is proof that God accepts us as we are because we are His children, and gives us wings to fly to the place of freedom He has planned for all of us ... Her story is a reminder, too, however, that the journey to freedom is not always easy and that because we are human ... we will stumble at times ... Susie takes the risk to be vulnerable so that other people can find hope and value through the love of God.

    Maureen Ross (BA Hons), Divisional Family Officer, Salvation Army
  • This book is refreshingly honest. Susie dares to take the reader into her world, whether that be the world of drugs or the struggles of family life. For many years, I supervised Susie's counselling practice and knew some of her story, but this book opened my eyes to the life she had and the life she has now. I recognised afresh why she has such understanding of people who are struggling with life's issues and marvel with her at God's amazing grace. She is truly a daughter of the King, and she is able to rejoice in that even when she is 'getting things wrong'. This is a story for Christians and non-Christians to read. It will challenge, inspire and resonate.

    Mary Dicker, Senior Counsellor, Fegans Child and Family Care
  • When Susie first joined the Tunbridge Wells & District Writers' Circle I recognised her talent immediately. On reading Potholes and Belly-flops I was moved by her honesty and her willingness to share this with her reader. In her unique and beautiful voice, Susie describes her life, her faith and the challenges she has faced. Even in the shadows there is light and courage. An inspiring read for the real woman of today.

    Karen Rollason, Chairwoman, Tunbridge Wells & District Writers' Circle
  • Susie is my cousin. I love her and have always loved her. There is something of her in something of me – the same quest for something real and reliable; for meaning in life and the meaning of love – nothing else will do, and nothing else does. I loved reading her book; simply and truthfully told, it is easy to read but not an easy subject to write about – I admire her, and always have. Even though I know aspects of this story, I never felt ashamed of her or even disappointed in her. I have simply loved her, as I think God has too. And whilst I do not exactly hold to the beliefs that underpin this book, I do believe in healing and I do believe in Love. I do believe in faithfulness and forgiveness and in redemption and resurrection and in something eternal, and this book is full of that!

    Kit Loring, Co Director, Ragamuffin International

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