My Big Father

“The story of Kenan Araz who lived to share the love of God in Muslim Turkey”

Dr Bruce Farnham

ISBN: 9781912726622

240 Pages

Published Oct 2022


Paperback £10.99 Kindle £5.99
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Kenan Araz knew that coming to Christ would carry a cost. Belonging to a culturally Christian minority in Turkey, the faithful witness of persecuted believers had been part of the very foundation stones of his childhood home. But when he discovered the infinitely kind and compassionate God of the Bible – his ‘Big Father’ – nothing could stop him from sharing the wonderful news.

Then, suffering from acute kidney disease, he experienced God’s miraculous provision when he became the first Turk to undergo a successful kidney transplant, and gained four more years to share the love of God before he died prematurely aged just thirty-four in 1975.

Combining Kenan’s story with the inspirational history of the Turkish Church, and a new epilogue highlighting its recent growth among Muslims, this faith-building updated edition encourages us all to trust our ‘Big Father’ and tell others about Him.

  • We are all saddened and bewildered by the untimely loss of people, especially when there is something special about them. It’s one of my many questions to God: 'Lord, surely Kenan had so much more to give to the fledgling church in Turkey, so why?' During the one and only time I met him in 1975, he was inspirational and such a comfort to a person wondering how and if I would survive as a fairly new and young believer in a land with so very little witness to Christ (despite its biblical history). Well, I did. And we all need 'faithful witnesses' to God’s presence, such as Kenan, to encourage us on our journeys of joy, pain and bewilderment, in faith and in life.

    Zekai Tanyar, Turkish church leader
  • This is a book that you need to read. I knew Kenan and his life continues to speak powerfully a needed message for our day. I pray you will become not only a reader but also a distributor of this uniquely challenging and important book.

    George Verwer, Founder and Former Director, Operation Mobilisation
  • We would be all the poorer without the awareness of Kenan Araz of Turkey, standing for Christ, faithful unto death, pioneering the birth of Christ's church among the previously ignored people of Turkey.

    Kenan modelled what it looks like for someone to follow his Saviour with all his heart. From his faithfulness, you will learn how his life was seed to today's approximately ten thousand believers in Turkey who are standing against all the odds.

    Greg Livingstone, Operation Mobilisation; Arab World Ministries; Frontiers

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