Mission and Movement

“A Study of Ethiopian and Eritrean Evangelical Churches in the UK”

Hirpo Kumbi

ISBN: 9781909728899

176 Pages

Published Sep 2018

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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How can immigrant and refugee churches move from cultural preservation to cross-cultural mission?

As Hirpo Kumbi, an experienced church-planter and cross-cultural missionary, charts the history of the Ethiopian and Eritrean church in the UK, he shows how this transition can be made. Based on his MA thesis, this informative work examines the complex questions of identity, inter-generational tensions and practical obstacles that must be faced. The invaluable insights into issues faced by any immigrant and refugee congregation make it essential reading for all leaders involved in cross-cultural mission.

The success of the church in 21st-century Britain will depend upon non-indigenous congregations successfully adapting to reach wider British culture, and Mission and Movement will help make this become a reality.

  • Mission from 'the rest' to 'the west' is one of the major features of church life in Europe today. The issues that such mission raises are many and complex. Hirpo Kumbi’s practical experience and well-researched reflection makes this work an invaluable tool in this vital area of mission practice.

    Rev Dr Martin Robinson, Principal of ForMission College, author

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