Loved, Called, Gifted

“Power, Possessions, Productivity, Perfectionism, Pretence, Pastimes... Where are you hiding?”

Catherine Cowell, Sean Kennedy

ISBN: 9781909728325

308 Pages

Published Oct 2015

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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What would it be like to have a deeper sense of motivation and purpose? Sadly, many people don’t know who they are, what they are good at or what they want to do. But it does not have to be that way! The truth is there is a God-given reservoir of world-changing energy in everyone waiting to be released. When you find it, you will never be the same again. Your enjoyment of life, inspiration, creativity and productivity all step up to an entirely new level.

Keeping God at the centre, Love, Called, Gifted takes you on a journey to discover the trail of evidence God has already left for you about who you are, what you are really good at, what motivates you and what He wants you to do with your life. The good news you will discover is that you are truly loved, called and gifted!

The book contains a fast-track reading system for those wanting to quickly get to the key information and tools.

  • It does what it says on the tin! The title says it all! For someone facing changes and having to make important life decisions this is a really practical and helpful guide.

    Bishop Michael Whinney, Honorary Assistant Bishop, Birmingham Diocese
  • Loved, Called, Gifted has so much to inspire and challenge. It is a brilliant, well-researched and tantalising piece of work. This is not thinking outside the box; this is a redefining of what the box was believed to be and an exhortation to climb out. This book will change lives.

    Andy Kind, Author and Comedian,
  • Easy to read, accessible, personable, not intimidating, great quotes, well organised, well explained. Does what it says it does. I wish I had had this book when I first became a Christian. It would have made a big difference to my journey.

    Rev John Alessi, Vicar of St Paul's, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent
  • Very readable and accessible, Loved, Called, Gifted is a really helpful resource for finding and fulfilling your calling. Rather than telling what you ought, should or must do it is full of stimulating and interesting questions that invite you on a journey of self-discovery. It blows away many unhelpful myths about calling and gently and respectfully looks at some of the difficulties that get in our way and prevent us from fulfilling it, without being simplistic or scolding.

    Lesley Matile, Business/Leadership Coach, Coach Trainer and Coach Supervisor,
  • At last, a text from a British author that places the enablement of individual calling at the heart of church mission. Sean and Catherines gift for storytelling and posing piercingly insightful questions make the chapters of this book both an engaging journey and a challenging invitation at the heart of revival.

    Carole Milligan, Corporate Coach, Founding Director of Kingscompass, Christian Coach Trainer,
  • This book provides a comprehensive set of learning tools to help people get to grips with who they are and how they tick. This is a great way to assist people in finding their calling ... The material is presented in a user-friendly way and is provided by clearly knowledgeable and passionate writers.

    Helen Bowes, Pastoral Counsellor, Counselling Supervisor & Trainer and Lay Reader
  • Can I have some more copies? I want to give them to all my friends.

    Caroline Markham, Worship Leader
  • The authors have managed to present in simple way some complex psychological theories and research and interweave those ideas into a sound biblical framework. This is not a standard self-development book or standard discipleship text, but a fantastic amalgamation of the two! What the authors have achieved is amazing. What the reader can achieve through reading this book, using the tools and questions within, will be even more amazing and profound!

    Sylvia Jones, Life Coach and Trainer
  • Having had help years ago to find my own calling, and assisted others in discovering theirs, I can thoroughly recommend this comprehensive and valuable resource. I am sure that it will greatly assist anyone trying to discern their vocation, and those accompanying them on their journey.

    Rev Canon Frances Wookey, recently retired parish priest, MBTI¨ practitioner
  • Loved, Called, Gifted was such a great read. Wonderfully interactive and inspirational, it is ideal for someone beginning their spiritual journey or theological studies. It is a valuable tool and an incredibly useful self-help store cupboard that can be dipped into again and again and used and reused by people of all Christian persuasions and positions. Loved, Called, Gifted is a valuable resource, a little gem, that should be on every Christian brother and sister's reading list.

    Anne Riddle, (Licensed) Lay Minister and Debt Advisor
  • When I first received your book I thought I was going to be simply reading it and making some comments. I have found it such a rich experience that I am now doing more than this and using it in the way you have intended.

    Julie Burnett-Kirk, Educational Consultant, Leadership Coach, Trainer and Spiritual Director
  • This book explores and assists in bridging the gap between religion and the human "developmental" condition by recognising one's uniqueness. There is a good balance between intellectual theory and emotional intelligence (EQ), being both descriptive and reflective. If the reader is open minded and contemplates the contents, this book is thought-provoking and a valuable tool.

    A. P. Spencer BSc (Hons), Dip Sup, Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

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