Live Deeply

“It’s time to get out of the shallows”

Duncan Clark

ISBN: 9781912726790

144 Pages

Published Feb 2024

Christian Life, Latest Releases

Paperback £12.99 Kindle £5.99
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Live Deeply offers an enticing challenge to leave faith’s shallows behind and to launch out into deep waters with God. Accessible and reflective, it invites you to put down deep roots in Christ – to ‘remain’ in Him – and to allow your character and conduct to be shaped by His presence – to ‘continue’ in Him.

Written by experienced pastor, Duncan Clark, it is a book for those willing to reorder their lives around what matters most. Come and discover how to sit in stillness in a culture urging hurry, how to embrace mystery in an age craving certainty, and how to choose humility in a world celebrating self-promotion.

Come and discover how to live deeply in Christ.

  • Duncan writes in such a way that not only do you feel hungry to seek the face of Jesus, but you are also drawn into the presence of God through each sentence. His own story evokes your emotions, his use of Scripture brings the Word alive and you come away stirred, with a longing to live deeply.

    Anne Calver, Unleashed Church
  • The shallows of a swimming pool are usually busier than the deep end. I suspect many don’t like feeling vulnerable when the water begins to overwhelm them – but Duncan has consistently resisted the comfort of the shallows. I’ve seen him time and time again look out over the vastness of the ocean and make decisions to discover deeper waters. In this wonderful book he shares his motivation and key principles learnt in his adventures of the deep. I’m sure you will also be inspired and empowered to go deeper.

    Mark Pugh, Lead Pastor, Rediscover Church, Exeter
  • Live Deeply is developed through many years of effective Christian practice and faithful stewardship of the gospel of Jesus. This book is very inspiring, professionally researched and thought-provoking, particularly in this post-global-pandemic season. It will spark a deep desire to draw close to God and make you hunger for His presence. It will encourage a good personal devotional life by creating intentional moments of stillness in God’s presence to allow the Holy Spirit to speak to you. Leading a presence-led life will champion spiritual fulfilment and foster a process of maturity in you as a disciple of Jesus.

    Live Deeply is an incredible resource for all who seek to maximise opportunities for effective ministry in not just living a Christlike life, but also in sharing and modelling God’s character in showing love, kindness and compassion as disciples of Jesus.

    Pastor Kojo Wood, Senior Pastor, Elim Church International (Stevenage); member of Elim National Leadership Team
  • As fellow church leaders, working in unity in the same city, it has been our joy for many years to see the fruit of Duncan’s life-giving approach to ministry first hand.

    We love his authentic faith, humble posture, generous spirit and evident passion for God’s presence. The keys he shares in Live Deeply will shape us profoundly and lead us into rhythms that will keep us deeply rooted in Jesus, who is Life! Thank you, Duncan, for letting us benefit from your rich inner world.

    Martin and Esther Storey, Senior Pastors, CLM Church, Coventry
  • Live Deeply acts as a mirror for the reader; while reading it, you will see yourself in the stories told by Duncan about his life’s journey. The book challenges the status quo and encourages deep soul searching.

    Live Deeply encourages its readers to be real about their spiritual state and to crave for God’s presence, using Jesus to measure where they are rather than comparing themselves with others.

    This book does not just identify the need for God’s presence but also teaches principles that help us to experience and dwell in His presence. I strongly recommend it to anyone who is desirous of becoming a finished product of God and chooses to live deeply. By our fruit, we shall be known.

    Eniiwaju Etomi, Assistant Province Pastor, RCCG Holy Ghost Zone, Coventry
  • Duncan and I are so different in many ways – perhaps that is why we get along so well. He is an author and I don’t read books. When Duncan sent me the manuscript, I started reading it because of our friendship. I finished reading it because he has something to say that is worth hearing.

    He would describe me as an 'activistic' person – I could easily slip over into being a workaholic. Perhaps that is why his introductory comments about people who go through life skimming the surface caught my attention. High-energy people who move fast through life/work/ministry, covering a lot of ground, moving from one opportunity to the next and enjoying the 'buzz'. Duncan is not that person; he has intentionally 'dug deep' – you cannot build as he has built, faithfully over decades, by skimming. He puts it so well when he says we need to celebrate both the fruits and the roots.

    Book lovers will love this – the rest of us need it more than we realise.

    David West, Bethel Sozo UK

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