Jeffrey’s Shorts

“A collection of short stories”

Geoffrey Crees

ISBN: 9781909728127

207 Pages

Published Dec 2013


Paperback £9.99 Kindle £1.99
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Geoffrey Crees is a retired Anglican vicar with a whimsical sense of humour and witty writing style.

In these 20 enchanting and quirky short stories, he takes us on an intriguing tour of the stranger sides of life through the curious, tenderly and perceptively drawn characters. As they deal with the unexpected events that come their way, we, like them, find ourselves reflecting upon the meaning of life, belief, and relationships.

Delve with Geoffrey into a bizarre and wonderful world of staid bachelors, pompous committees, resolute single mums, irascible bishops, lonely widows and tired empty-nesters, and be delighted with his humorous, faith-filled view of the world.