Island Treasure

“Sometimes it's the total strangers that become your closest friends”

Helen Parker

ISBN: 9781912726646

192 Pages

Published Oct 2022

Young Adult

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £4.99
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Chris Miller has just settled into an Edinburgh secondary school when his family unexpectantly moves to a remote Scottish island – Sunnaig.

Forced to leave all he knows behind, even rumours of hidden treasure that thrill his half-sister, Tonia, can’t help. But when he and Tonia encounter two child refugees on a Sunnaig beach, and a bullying youth determined to be mean, life-changing events unfold.

Chris is a good swimmer, but is he strong enough to save himself and others from drowning? And what links their eccentric neighbour to the sinister troubles at Mum’s work?

Soon, it’s not just Tonia who is excited to discover Sunnaig’s secret treasure!

Island Treasure is the standalone sequel to Hide and Secret.

Island Treasure has been shortlisted for the Christian Resources Together Children/Youth book of the Year Award 2023.

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