Isabella’s Voyage

“Dare she heed hope's call?”

Jemimah Wright

ISBN: 9781912726653

288 Pages

Published Nov 2022


Paperback £10.99 Kindle £5.99
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Passionate Isabella Buckley feels like life is passing her by. In her late thirties and yearning for adventure, she is constrained by Victorian England’s gender roles and suffocated by the quiet life she leads with her parents.

But when tragedy strikes on the other side of the world, relatives in the Pacific send an urgent telegram for help, and only Isabella can answer the call. Seizing the chance to escape her stifling existence, she sets sail on an exhilarating voyage of discovery that will broaden her horizons in ways she cannot begin to imagine.

Yet when home beckons, she will have to decide how far she is willing to go in breaking with convention if it means finding love and fulfilling her dreams.

  • Skilfully written and professionally researched, Isabella’s Voyage will keep you turning the pages. The storyline provokes a roller coaster of emotions, from panic and tears to joyful nostalgia. The conversations in Victorian parlance and descriptions of travelling conditions are historically based and fascinating. I was gripped and unable to put this novel down.

    Maggie Colvin, author, journalist, public speaker and tv presenter
  • A beautiful and encouraging story of the kind of hope and restoration only God can orchestrate.

    Tola-Doll Fisher, editor, Woman Alive magazine
  • What an adventure Jemimah Wright has taken us on! Isabella’s Voyage is an honest, insightful story of longing, bravery, and the choices that bring love. The heroine’s determination to move forward in spite of disappointments, England’s social restrictions, New Zealand’s danger and Hawaii’s otherworldly culture leads her to depths of love and sacrifice that could only come through the discovery of God. Jemimah has woven Providence, faith and the strength of womanhood into a tale that rings true to every heart that has dreamed of great things and faced small days. It is a novel well worth reading and hard to forget.

    Amy Peterson, author of Perpetua: A Bride, A Martyr, A Passion
  • Jemimah has weaved the story beautifully; I was drawn in immediately and found myself longing for Isabella to find the freedom – and love – that she deserved. This debut novel is well worth picking up – and I am sure Jemimah is a writer to watch…

    Claire Musters, author, editor, speaker and host of the Woman Alive Book Club
  • I fell in love with Isabella almost immediately and could not stop reading. In Isabella’s Voyage, Jemimah Wright takes the reader on an exotic adventure and into a love story like no other. A thoroughly satisfying read that I pray will become a film.

    Wendy Griffith, CBN News Anchor; author of You Are a Prize to be Won
  • Jemimah’s words flow off the page as she paints vivid pictures of landscapes and people from times gone by. Despite the characters’ many challenges, this novel is a story of hope and inspirational sacrifice. I adore Jemimah’s writing style and I see it as a personal gift to me that she has turned her talent to fiction writing.

    Lauren Windle, journalist and author
  • Delightful, tragic, seductive, consistently absorbing. Isabella’s Voyage is a captivating story that speaks to all of us in our vulnerability and despair, as well as lighting us up with hope and courage, in the midst of our human drama.

    Deborah Paterson, South African longboarding competitor

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