Holy Grit

“Gaining traction on life's journey with Jesus”

James Poch

ISBN: 9781912726745

262 Pages

Published Oct 2023

Christian Life

Paperback £12.99 Kindle £5.99
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Discipleship is for everyone – no exception!

This is the radical call of Scripture, and the premise of Holy Grit.

Blending hard-hitting teaching with real-life stories, experienced pastor James Poch presents a compelling, joy-filled vision of what life can be like when we are fully devoted to God. At regeneration Church, they have seen countless lives changed through a passionate pursuit of discipleship, and James encourages us that we can experience the same. With an integrated study guide, this revised and updated edition shows how we can apply its dynamic discipleship lessons to our own lives, small groups and churches.

Wherever we are on our discipleship journey, with a good dose of Holy Grit, we too can keep close company with Jesus and learn to disciple others along the way.

  • All that it means to be a Christian is still frequently misunderstood and misrepresented. In Holy Grit, James Poch gives us a crystal-clear portrait of what it means to be a disciple of Jesus of Nazareth. This book calls us to persevere in a quick-fix culture, do the hard work of discipleship in the face of comfortable Christianity and live interdependent lives in an age of rampant individualism. With carefully selected quotes, compelling real-life stories and winsome honesty, James invites every one of us to live all out for Jesus and set a high bar for ourselves and those around us. Read it and live it.

    Phil Knox, Missiologist and evangelist at the Evangelical Alliance and author of Story Bearer and The Best of Friends
  • James Poch is the real deal. He is passionate about making disciples in his own life, in his family and in his church. This newly updated book is full of everyday wisdom and real-life stories about what honest, raw, accessible discipleship and disciple-making looks like in practice. Read it, use the practical responses and spread the word!

    Rt Rev Dr Ric Thorpe, Bishop of Islington
  • Our culture is always looking for the quick fix, the instant answer. So much so that in the Church we’ve often given our attention and praise to people who aren’t yet ready to bear it. Many of the issues in the Church can be understood by our failure to value the long, slow process of transformation into the image of Christ that lies at the centre of discipleship. James’ contribution here is so welcome and so timely.

    Paul Harcourt, Ambassador for New Wine England
  • One of my fears for the Church is that it often doesn't ask enough questions: why does discipleship matter? Am I really growing in Christ? Where does Jesus want to take me next? James’ book gets its hands properly gritty in answering those questions – but without being heavy handed or patronising. By asking readers to push their roots into the Bible with every well-organised chapter, he seeks to nurture the seedlings of discipleship. The blend of case studies and uncomplicated language makes this a book that’s well worth reading and well worth giving away, too. For anyone asking how discipleship is supposed to work, this book will give you answers from every vantage point.

    Mike Sherburn, Pastor at Watchet Baptist Church; ‘Fuelcast’ poet and co-founder of the SWBA Creativity Collective
  • Discipleship – a word that seems to be forgotten in our Christian walk and talk today. James invites us to look at the values and disciplines of a believer – a reminder of why this is at the core of The Great Commission and the foundations of our faith. I had the honour of meeting James during one of his mission trips to South Africa a few years ago. This is a man who walks the talk! I consider him a mentor in my life and ministry.

    By reading this book you will be challenged, encouraged and inspired to live a disciplined life as a true disciple of Christ. These pages are packed with Scripture, real testimonies and words of wisdom to strengthen your walk with the Lord. The workbook for each chapter allows reflection and introspection, aiding the reader to grow in faith and respond practically. It can serve as a personal devotional or as a group study.

    I highly recommend Holy Grit to all believers with a sincere desire to gain 'Traction on Life’s Journey with Jesus'.

    Günter Titus, Founder, Titus Lifestyle Coaching, Cape Town, South Africa
  • 'Go and make disciples …' This mandate from Jesus is one of the most often-quoted passages of Scripture. It is in the heart of the evangelist as she preaches at evangelistic gatherings, and it is on the lips of the pastor as he invites people to confess their sins at the altar. The instruction of Jesus, however, is to 'go and make disciples', and that takes a lot more time, effort and sacrifice – a lot more. James Poch is one of those rare Christians who has not only accepted the call, but has also managed to sustain exceptional passion to mentor people through the process of maturity. It is a lifestyle for James and his wife, Ruth; something remarkable to behold when you visit with them.

    Holy Grit is a compilation of the practical experiences James has gained over twenty-three years of pastoring. It includes many fascinating accounts of people they have loved, men and women just like you and me, with complex pasts, mental health challenges, hidden sins, stubborn wills and pride. I highly recommend reading this book! There is a great deal to discover here about the powerful impact of mentorship and the joy of following the call to discipleship.

    Cindy Janczyk, Program Director, Penn’s Youth Initiative, Inc, Gettysburg, Pennsylvania
  • True discipleship seems to have faded over the years, along with spiritual grit. In James and Ruth Poch, we see a couple who have picked up their cross and chosen to follow Jesus unwaveringly along the narrow, at times rocky, road, through gates of betrayal and dark valley times. Giving up was not an option. They chose to say 'YES' to Jesus and 'NO' to compromise. They chose to swim upstream, no matter the cost. Today we watch them discipling many young people into the fullness of what God has for each one of them. They live out their lives daily demonstrating spiritual grit. This book is a must-read for every leader and every believer in the body of Christ as it encourages, provokes and reminds us how vital true discipleship is in the life of the local church and in each of our lives. Together we are so much stronger.

    Joan and Tich Smith, Co-founders of LIV Children’s Village, South Africa
  • We have a God-given mandate to go and make disciples, and yet so often we struggle with this primary task. Easy to read, and crucially, strong on application, this book will help you grasp the call to discipleship. It brims with biblically rooted practical advice, powerfully illustrated by the testimonies of those on the discipleship journey. You will be inspired, challenged and further equipped as you read.

    Revd Martin Durham, Director of K180 and European director for the International Leadership Institute
  • The world needs disciples of Jesus who are making disciples of Jesus. I’ve seen first-hand the impact investment in discipleship has on individuals, the Church and then the world. The call is clear, but living it out is a long and often messy process. Undaunted by the mess, James Poch vulnerably and winsomely engages a wide range of key discipleship issues, followed up with encouraging stories and practical steps for growth. Holy Grit shows us the determined path of discipleship that we need.

    David Yeghnazar, Executive Director, Elam Ministries
  • Evangelising people is one thing. True discipleship is quite another! James Poch shares vulnerable and engaging stories that unpack how true discipleship works. Many of us participate in an anaemic approach to discipleship – missing many of the critical components. But this book fills in all of the gaps! This is a brilliant guide for small groups. And it will certainly cause your discipleship processes to leap to new levels.

    Peter Haas, Lead Pastor, Substance Church, Minneapolis; author of Pharisectomy and Broken Escalators
  • As I write this review from Jerusalem, what leapt out to me, as I read this inspiring book, was how it must have been for the disciples as they walked closely with Jesus, through this Land, becoming like Him. Holy Grit is connected and rooted in truth as James shares from his own journey as a disciple. Telling earthed stories from those who have not just been informed about Jesus but also transformed by him. It’s about people who have crossed the boundaries of their own personal comfort zones, which at times is disconcerting, painful even, but seems to be the way God transforms us into the likeness of his Son, Jesus. Therefore, it offers a raw vulnerability from which disciples will be shaped and formed. Read it, be inspired, be transformed, on the adventure that is discipleship!

    Simon Holland, Director, Garden Tomb, Jerusalem
  • Life can get difficult at times, growing a business and being a newlywed is a beautiful blessing but it comes with challenges and demands. If I’m honest, I have been stuck in a rut lately, emotionally and spiritually; too consumed with the everyday grind and excitement of married life and business. I’ve been distant and have found it difficult to get back into a rhythm in my walk with God. I have noticed and lamented the lack of rivers of living water flowing out of me as I interact with others.

    What a timely gift it has been to read the revised edition of Holy Grit by James Poch. This book has reignited my desire to seek the Lord and not just read the Bible as a Christian duty. The Bible study along with the exercises and prayers at the end of the chapters are causing me to sincerely and humbly reflect on particular areas in my life that the Lord wants to address, heal, and restore.

    Danica Alvarado Matthews, Founder, Tricycle Pizza, Seaside, California

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