God’s Patchwork

“Stories of a missionary nurse in rural Zambia”

Sandra Michie

ISBN: 9781909728936

256 Pages

Published Oct 2018


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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When Sandra Michie considers her life, the presence of a gracious heavenly Father lovingly planning all is overwhelming. Every joy and every trial has been perfectly sewn together into a beautiful patchwork of grace.

But it has not always seemed this way.

Working as a nurse for 25 years in rural Zambia, 500 miles from the nearest town, Sandra’s faith was tested to the limits. What was God’s purpose in the isolation, communication difficulties and disparate challenges? And returning to the UK, what was He doing through spells of joblessness and life-threatening ill-health?

Sandra’s story is one of growth, change and joy that will encourage you to know God’s love in the lowest times and delight in His provision in the best. As you read it, allow Him to show you the tender thread of His goodness running through the patchwork of your life as it has done hers.

  • A story full of adventure and unexpected events set in a remote part of Zambia where [Sandra's] medical skills were tested in primitive conditions as she coped with all kinds of emergencies and local superstitions. Her faith in God’s guidance and provision shines through in the narrative.

    Derek Butters, former chairman of The Evangelization Society (TES)
  • Too often missionaries feel they have been put on a pedestal, yet they face the same everyday temptations as anyone anywhere else in the world. Sandra is honest about her struggles, conflict in relationships and in the second half of the book, describes how difficult it was to re-enter British culture, retrain, find work, cope with serious illness, deal honestly with issues emerging from her past and find peace.

    Interwoven with the story line, Sandra quietly teaches us more about our loving heavenly Father.

    I found this book very encouraging and helpful.

    Mary Weeks Millard, long-term missionary to Democratic Republic of Congo

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