Generous with a Capital G

“Creating a mindset of financial generosity”

Wendy Pawsey

ISBN: 9781912726837

192 Pages

Published Sep 2024

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Paperback £12.99
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We all like to feel good about ourselves, to know we have helped another person and to do things that please God and magnify His kingdom. This book has been written to help you achieve this by living a life that makes the most of the financial blessings God has lovingly showered upon you whether they are big, small or somewhere in between! Using examples from scripture alongside real life stories, you’ll be encouraged to:

  • Rethink your relationship with money
  • Dream big as you read others experiences of seeing God move miraculously
  • Journey through the theology and relevancy of giving

Drawing from the experience and testimonies of more than fifty Christians from differing denominations, the aim of this book is to motivate you to live a life of lavish, abundant, eye-watering generosity that has the potential to impact nations, and draw you closer to our infinite God who was and is the epitome of generosity with a capital G.

  • A stimulating and vital book that encourages Christians to treat giving both as 'obligation' and 'opportunity'. A means of blessing others and being blessed ourselves.

    Rev Canon J. John

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