“Four anonymous gifts. One unforgettable story.”

John Glass

ISBN: 9781912726066

256 Pages

Published Apr 2019


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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When young, expat businessman Jack Troughton’s girlfriend tells him about the Bible she found on a Cheltenham bench, his life is turned upside down. Challenged by Celia’s faith, and brought face-to-face with terrifying Estonian sex-traffickers when tragedy strikes, his response impacts countless lives and threatens all he holds most dear.

But Celia was not the only one to come across a Bible that day. A PR guru and a Ghanaian care-worker are among others who are impacted by the discoveries that will revolutionise their lives and heal painful wounds.

Moving swiftly from Tallinn to the Cotswolds, and from Glasgow to New York, the disparate characters’ lives begin to interweave as they share new-found faith and ask who left the precious books for them to find.

Four is a faith-filled thriller embracing the pain of loss and inspiring with all God can do to redeem and restore.

  • A fantastic novel with wonderful characters you will love, but, more importantly, a clear reminder of the unstoppable power of the Word of God.

    Gavin Calver, Director of Mission, Evangelical Alliance; Chair, Spring Harvest
  • A moving story and gripping read that highlights the awful atrocity of human trafficking in our generation.

    Ben Cooley, CEO, Hope for Justice

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