Ernie Gonzales: Escape from Paradise

Beth Shepherd

ISBN: 9781909728516

192 Pages

Published Jun 2016


Paperback £6.99 Kindle £1.99
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Bruce, Ernie and all the snails of Vi–uela are loving life in their paradise garden. But one awful day Ernie wakes up to discover that Bruce and all the snails have gone! Local chefs have kidnapped them – to cook them in a giant snail paella! But before Ernie and his grandpa, Manuel, can do anything they get caught by terrifying thug slugs!

Will Ernie and Manuel escape from the thug slugs? Can Bruce find courage to save the snails from being eaten? Will they ever be together again?

Be thrilled by this dynamic, inspiring and heart-felt story in the Ernie Gonzales series!

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