Dying to Get There

“A vision of heaven to transform our lives on earth”

Michael Williams

ISBN: 9781912726547

144 Pages

Published Jan 2022

Christian Life

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.49
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Heaven. Do you look forward to it? Or do you secretly worry that somehow life there might not be quite as good as life here?

It was not this way for the early Church, and it need not be for us. If we understand the meaning of Jesus’ physical resurrection, the prospect of heaven is one of great joy, giving a supreme and confident hope that overcomes every trial.

Rooted in Scripture, this lively and insightful book sensitively helps us discover this hope and the priceless inheritance that awaits us, transforming our mental and spiritual health, and forever changing the way we live our lives.

Because when we grasp what God has in store for us – a new creation, a new body, a new purpose – just like those early followers of Jesus, we’ll be dying to get there!

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  • Michael Williams is a caring, passionate, thoughtful and intelligent man with an endearing smile and cheeky sense of humour. He makes a great teacher and he, along with his wife, Dani, pastor One Church, Bristol.

    This reflects in the writing of this wonderful book, Dying to Get There. Michael gently helps us navigate the less-talked-about subject of the afterlife and cleverly helps us think about how that affects us today. He meticulously researches the relevant Bible passages, joining the dots and drawing out some eye-opening gems.

    I know heaven will be bigger, brighter, better than we can possibly imagine, but this book has certainly whetted my appetite.

    Simon Jarvis, Senior Leader of the One Church Network
  • Like a great teacher, Michael breaks this huge subject down for me so I can understand and be inspired.

    Mark Ritchie, Evangelist
  • Thanks, Michael, for listening to the Spirit. Your motivational gifts of teaching and exhortation are both evident in this thoughtful, analytical, Scripture-based, and thoroughly enjoyable treatise. You have created an atmosphere of encouragement about our incredible there, allowing us to make Spirit-informed decisions and practical applications here. Well done!

    Mark Middleton, Executive Director, Equip Canada
  • My clients have various reactions to the idea of death – fear being the most common. Just the word ‘death’ or ‘dying’ can be enough to send some into panic. Even confirmed atheists who believe in nothing after death often have secret fears about death that are incongruent with their stated beliefs. Whether you are a believer or a non-believer, the biggest amplifier of fear is avoidance.

    This is just one of the reasons I love Michael’s book; thinking about death with hope (and humour) helps us to live better in the here and now, without either obsessing about it or denying it. If you are scared of death, read this book. If you are scared of being scared of death, read it. If you’re trying not to think about death, read it. If you are looking forward to death, read it. Face death and really live!

    Deborah Laxton, Clinical Lead, Hope Psychological Services CIC

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