Dreaming with Ernie

“A Guided Reading, Comprehension and PSHE Workbook for Key Stage 2”

Beth Shepherd, Diana Mendonca

ISBN: 9781909728219

63 Pages

Published Sep 2014


Paperback £5.99
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This Kids’ Workbook is based on the children’s novel, Ernie Gonzales: The Determined Dreamer, the inspiring and humorous tale about a lovable and adventurous Spanish snail who goes in search of his dreams. Packaged as a comprehension and guided reading workbook, this resource will guide children through some of the challenges they will face and will enable them to develop some of the skills they will need when reaching for their dreams. At the same time, they will be working on curriculum-based literacy skills.

Written by the author of Ernie Gonzales together with a head of literacy and primary school teacher, this book will inspire and awaken the determined dreamer in every child. This workbook can be used to support a classroom read of Ernie Gonzales, or for independent study at home to accompany the book.