Complete in Him

“Finding hope in disability and child loss”

Chizor Akisanya

ISBN: 9781909728417

192 Pages

Published Jan 2016


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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God promises that if we persevere through testing we will become mature and complete.

Chizor’s story is a hope-giving testament to this.

Chizor Akisanya is a much-loved community leader, wife and mother whose success belies the difficulties she has faced. At birth, she sustained a brachial plexus injury – nerve damage to the muscles in her right arm – which resulted in limited mobility and control. As an adult she faced the grievous additional challenge of losing a much-wanted child. Yet she has persevered in seeking God, daring to believe there is hope and healing in Him.

In this inspirational book, Chizor leads the reader on a faith-filled journey of personal discovery. Having repeatedly experienced the truth that challenges are surmountable with the help of Christ, she encourages those facing trials of their own to find hope in Him.

  • Chizor's story is most compelling and inspiring. From war-ravaged Biafra to the leafy suburbs of Welwyn Garden City, from a child born with a disability to a woman who has found fulfilment as a leader in her community, a wife and a mother, Chizor's journey is one of refusing to accept limitations and believing that it is possible to overcome lifes challenges. Her faith is her obvious strength. Refreshingly honest, bold and yet vulnerable, this book is commended to anyone who refuses to be held back.

    Agu Irukwu, Senior Pastor, Jesus House London
  • In a light tone, with plenty of humour and wry observations, Chizor Akisanya tells the story of growing up with a disability in Nigeria and in England. We follow her from childhood, to adolescence to womanhood, to wifehood to motherhood, watching as she comes to terms with her endless potential and boundless possibilities along the way. Hers is the story of a victorious life, with diapers changed, cars driven, babies fed, exams passed, prayers answered, hurdles scaled (literally) and battles won every day. I dare you not to be inspired by this book.

    Chibundu Onuzo, author of The Spider King's Daughter
  • This poetically written book reflects the grace and courage with which Chizor lives her life. This book will bring life, encouragement and challenge, not only to those who carry an obvious physical scar, but also to all those who struggle to feel like they belong.

    Chizor has learned to walk with confidence despite the challenges life has placed in her path. In these pages, she allows herself to be incredibly vulnerable and, in doing so, gives you a glimpse into how she has discovered the liberating truth that she is complete in Christ.

    Ian Hamilton, Chief Executive Officer, Compassion UK
  • Once started, you will not put this book down. Chizor writes her story with candour, vulnerability and wisdom. From war-time injury and an education disrupted by operations, to inspirational teachers, work and a happy marriage and children, but also with the tragedy of the loss of two babies. This is an inspirational tale of a real life, lived with trust in the love and sovereignty of God.

    Her independence and determination never to be held back are striking, as is her frequent withdrawal into herself, into her own thoughts and talks with or at God. Chizor tells of the protection given by her parents, and especially her brothers, from a Nigerian culture which at that time rejected physically disabled people. She learns much in how to receive, from her marriage to Bajo and from the girls, from being part of a church family, right down to the kindness of those who braid her children's hair.

    Chizor is ever expectant of healing and does not doubt God's ability to do a miracle, but rejects the need and realises the harm done by chasing every speaker who promises a miracle healing. She lives each day for the blessings it brings.

    Chizors injury was borne of the Biafra War. Looking at our world of conflicts, her story is timely and needs to be in the hands of todays children who are being physically and psychologically scarred by warfare.

    Baroness Elizabeth Berridge of the Vale of Catmose
  • This is an uplifting meditation on Christianity and disability, by an author with a malfunctioning arm whose faith and determination have overcome many obstacles to a full life. Her advice to others, based on her own experience, will encourage them to put aside self-pity and achieve the very best they can.

    Richard Bourne, Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Commonwealth Studies, University of London; author of Nigeria: A New History of a Turbulent Century
  • Complete in Him is a book of grace that not only opens up and tells a story; it also opens the readers heart and mind to be inspired and changed. It is a story of hope in the face of adversity, told without self-pity or gloom, and Chizor's clarity, gentleness, strength and courage reveal the captivating adventure that happens when we are willing to say YES to God, despite our limitations. I warn you to read it with a box of tissues nearby and to be prepared for its wisdom to heal, challenge and inspire you. Readers will find Complete in Him to be an invitation to offer up your own hopes and weaknesses to God and see what extraordinary treasures He will bring about in you.

    Reverend Joanna Jepson, Anglican Priest, former Chaplain to the London College of Fashion and author of A Lot Like Eve: Fashion, Faith and Fig-Leaves: A Memoir
  • This is a powerful story which is shared with vulnerability and poise, and one that leaves me deeply encouraged and inspired!

    This engaging narrative is a guide for us all to allow Christ to more fully dwell in our weaknesses, whatever we see them as in the face of the stranger around us. Chizor demonstrates powerfully how God has a plan and purpose no matter what challenges, events or supposed limitations we have.

    Here is a transforming encounter for those who live with physical and psychological challenges, prejudice and self-doubt. The triumph of this story is that overcoming challenges is possible, and Chizor demonstrates this through her bravery, meekness and endeavour of faith.

    The Reverend Terry Tennens, Chief Executive, International Justice Mission UK
  • What an important message this book brings! Chizor Akisanya beautifully and bravely shares her story of the struggles disability presented to her and her resolute determination not to allow it to define her or hold her back from realising her full potential. It is a bold message of challenge to the wider community, including the church, that those with disabilities are to be embraced and not hidden. Rather they are to be cheered on at every stage of their journey to become fully who God created them to be, and recognising the tension between the pursuit of God's healing and wholeness on the one hand and the need to live life to the full "as we are" on the other.

    As someone who has known the considerable challenge of disability in my own life, I found Chizor's honesty both moving and inspirational. This book will be key in changing attitudes in the church – here is a new champion and voice to say that everyone has a contribution to make!

    Jennifer OBrien, Solicitor and a Leader of Kings Gate London
  • Chizor Akisanya raises critical, thought-provoking life experiences that have long concerned all of us in all walks of life, with or without disabilities. How do you face everyday fears, big and small, and still walk on to succeed in any challenge, any day, anywhere? Chizor's touching, moving, poignant account of her life as a beautiful child and then beautiful woman with a disability makes such impressive sense as she reaches out to all of us with her stories. All readers, whether religious or not, will find much to stimulate their thoughts and provoke emotions buried deep within.

    Emma Edhem, CC, Deputy Head of International Law, Barrister No 5 Chambers; Common Councilman, City of London Corporation; Chairman Turkish British Chamber of Commerce and Industry

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