Come and See

“An invitation to journey with Jesus and His beloved disciple John”

Roy Millar

ISBN: 9781912726073

445 Pages

Published Apr 2019

Christian Life

Paperback £12.99 Kindle £7.99
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Come and See walks us through John’s Gospel from beginning to end. Spread across fifty-two concise and accessible chapters that match the fifty-two weeks of the year, this perceptive commentary helps us see Jesus through John’s contemporary eyes and challenges us to say ‘yes’ to Jesus’ invitation to follow Him today.

‘I applaud Roy Millar’s endeavours… His commentary soundly examines the text section by section and the result is impressive.’
Dr R T Kendall, Bible Teacher and Author; formerly Minister, Westminster Chapel London

‘Whether you are a seasoned scholar, a growing follower or even a new enquirer, this rich study will help you ‘come and see’ and meet and know, Jesus the Messiah.’
Simon Ponsonby, Teaching Pastor St Aldates Church, Oxford, and Author

‘A very accessible narrative commentary of benefit to all who are looking for an accessible way to deepen their biblical understanding and Christian faith.’
Jonathan Kimber, Director of Ministry and Discipleship, Diocese of Worcester

‘Not just a historical study of an ancient text but… also emphasises the relevance and importance of this powerful message for today.’
Dr James McKeown, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of the Board of the Institute of Theology, Queen’s University Belfast

  • I applaud Roy Millar’s endeavours to guide us through one of the most profound books of the Bible. His commentary painstakingly and soundly examines the text section by section and the result is impressive.

    Dr R T Kendall, Bible Teacher and Author; formerly Minister, Westminster Chapel London
  • Come and See gave me many new and precious insights into John’s unique Gospel. Roy’s excellent book is theologically faithful and thought-provoking – an invaluable guide to anyone seeking to understand and enjoy this profound Gospel.

    Reverend Lyndon Bowring, Chairman, CARE
  • Dr Roy Millar has been a follower of Jesus for many years and has spent much time in study of his Word. Come and See is the fruit of a gifted teacher’s sustained meditation and careful exposition on John’s gospel. Staying faithful to the text, with a deep grasp of C1st Jewish context, Jesus and his teaching is vividly presented to us. Whether you are a seasoned scholar, a growing follower or even a new enquirer, this rich study will help you 'come and see’ and meet and know, Jesus the Messiah.

    Simon Ponsonby, Teaching Pastor St Aldates Church, Oxford, and Author
  • It is hard to believe that this is Roy Millar’s first book. Not only is it beautifully written in clear, lucid prose, it is amazingly perceptive from beginning to end. In chapter nine, speaking about his methodology, Roy says, 'We need to read forwards from the Hebrew roots of the Bible and from the standpoint of those who heard the words in their original context.' So like modern day, Messianic Jews, this is exactly what the author does in a knowledgeable and perceptive way. I can honestly say that rarely have I read a book on scripture which displays such a profound spiritual understanding of the meaning and implications of God’s word. It is a veritable tour de force and I wholeheartedly recommend it to all who wish to know Jesus better, including fellow-Catholics.

    Pat Collins CM, MA, STL Evangelist, Scholar and Author
  • In this book, Roy Millar shares some of the fruit of a lifetime’s immersion in the Scriptures: reading them, studying them, praying them and living them. His writing weaves together rich background context and grounded insight on what it is to be human, offered together as a very accessible narrative commentary, unfolding in line with the gospel itself. Roy’s book will be of benefit not only to those who preach and help others to learn, but also to all who are looking for an accessible way to deepen their Biblical understanding and Christian faith. It enabled me to read familiar passages in a new and life-giving light. It will help all readers to ‘come and see’ in a fresh and deeper way the grace and generosity of God.

    The Revd Canon Dr Jonathan Kimber, Director of Ministry and Discipleship, Diocese of Worcester
  • I have had the privilege of knowing Roy Millar for most of my life, initially meeting him when I attended at a Scripture Union summer house party. I subsequently came to know him better in the context of a Bible class, and then at informal Bible study groups where my love for the Bible was nourished. Over the years, God has enabled Roy to influence many other people, including a number of other young teenage men and women who are now involved in Christian leadership in different parts of the world.

    One of the root meanings of the word disciple is a learner. Roy has always been a learner with an enquiring mind, asking questions and searching for answers. His commitment to understanding Scripture, interpreting it faithfully and applying it ruthlessly has always impressed me. His approach has always been that to understand Scripture we stand under it. You will see all of this as you read Come and See.

    I am delighted that he has stepped out into new paths and has written this book. He has approached John’s Gospel with humility, knowing it to be God’s inspired and authoritative Word.  It has been said that the Bible is as up to date as this morning’s newspaper and this book is a good illustration of that statement. It is not some cold academic exercise but rather it will both inform and inspire you. This book has been birthed in his personal Bible study and extensive reading and also through listening attentively to others. The long pregnancy of study and writing has now reached the point of delivery and I have no doubt this 'new birth' will be a blessing. Come and See has both spiritual and intellectual depth and provides much food for thought and material for quiet reflection. Roy has opened up this Gospel in fresh and intriguing ways and has pointed to the life-related and life-changing implications of John’s narrative. We will certainly be made to think and at times we will be stopped in our tracks.

    Roy has always been a humble explorer of God’s Word and this book is tangible evidence of those explorations. He is like a miner of the gold mine of the Bible who digs deep and brings out gold nuggets of biblical truth. He is like a travel guide who takes us on a journey of learning so that we see things that we have never previously noticed. He is a teacher who communicates with sincerity from his lifetime of learning. Most of all he leads us into a deeper relationship with 'The Author' of the Bible, which was John’s stated purpose when writing his Gospel. As we read we will want to know Him better and worship and adore Him. Thank you Roy for pointing us to Him!

    I have no hesitation whatsoever in commending this book. It will stretch our minds, warm our hearts and feed our souls. As we come and see the One who is the subject of John’s Gospel, we will discover more of what it means to believe that Jesus is the Messiah, the Son of God, and as we do so we shall truly experience life in His name.

    Take time to graze and gaze!

    Bishop Ken (Fanta) Clarke, formerly the Church of Ireland Bishop of Kilmore Elphin and Ardagh.
  • The Word having been made flesh continues to be made fresh in these pages. Like a well-matured wine, this book is to be savoured. Chapter by chapter it lends itself to weekly tastings. As the French have crystallised the concept of 'terroir' in describing the distinctives of a particular wine, so Roy Millar helps us discern the unique aspects of the Fourth Gospel. He demonstrates a particular sensitivity to the Jewish matrix out of which John shaped his material and uses this to lead his readers into a deeper understanding of Jesus, God’s Word in and to the world.

    Desmond Maxwell, Founder and director of Xplorations Teaching Ministry
  • Roy Millar’s new book, Come and See, makes Jesus, John and the whole New Testament landscape come alive for twenty-first-century readers. Theologically astute and yet also devotionally apt and eminently readable, this mini-commentary serves as a veritable roadmap to John’s Gospel, and to Jesus Himself as its subject, within its historical, canonical and spiritual life context. Jesus as divine, Jesus as truly Jewish, Jesus as the One Who meets us in unexpected ways… and then never lets us remain the same: all are here, in the mystery of this Man unlike any other!

    I can think of no better introduction to Jesus for seekers and mature believers alike! May this book have a broad audience, both in the UK and also here in the U.S. of A.!

    Rev Lance Wonders, DPhil, DMin, Academic Dean, ACTS International Bible College, Blaine, Minnesota, USA
  • Some ideas come via information, but transformational truth comes by revelation. Through the invitation to 'come and see', the author not only invites us into the deep waters of John’s magnificent Gospel, but he also reveals something of the depth of his own soul. In these pages you will feel his passion for Jesus through his love and reverence of the text, and I pray you too will catch the life-changing power of his message. If you love the Lord and His Word, this book will serve to encourage and enrich your relationship with both.

    Dr John Andrews, teacher, motivator and author
  • Having known Roy Millar for 25 years it was a delight to use his commentary on John’s Gospel for my daily devotions. I really loved it! It both reflected his own depth of scriptural knowledge by providing wonderful insights into the text and practical encouragement for daily living. It is accessible to the youngest Christian and at the same time draws more seasoned believers into fresh revelation and personal dedication to Christ. I used it on a daily basis but it would be great for a small group to work through. I thoroughly commend it to you.

    Paul Reid, Pastor Emeritus, Christian Fellowship Church, Belfast
  • Roy has been a personal friend for a number of years and I have seen his desire to help people to have a clearer understanding of God’s Word, in a way that leads to a deeper relationship with Him. Come and See is a particular example of this, illuminating the Gospel of John and, like a floodlight, revealing the mysteries of God and of His Son the Lord Jesus Christ, and inviting readers to follow Him as disciples. I recommend it to everyone but especially to my brothers and sisters from a Muslim background, both those who currently believe in Jesus and also those who are willing to investigate His claims to be the Messiah and the Son of God.

    Davood Mahmoodi, Founder and Director of Iranian Ministry Ireland
  • Roy Millar has provided us with a thoughtful and accessible narrative commentary on John’s Gospel. He has, as it were, taken us by the hand to 'come and see' the Jesus whom John wants us to see. The narrative takes us to creation and incarnation, to historically significant locations and to the deepening and disturbingly sharp conflict between Jesus and the pervasively influential, non-relational, legalistic and dedicated religious establishment and then to self-interested political power, to the cross, death, burial and resurrection.

    John’s Gospel finds its origin in God’s generous love for the world. In contrast to the world’s darkness, Jesus, the Light of the world, came among us, was one of us, triumphed with cosmic significance and still shines brightly. Here is John’s good news about Jesus for people everywhere to believe.

    Rev John Dunlop, Minister Emeritus, Rosemary Presbyterian Church, Belfast; formerly Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Ireland
  • A number of features mark this commentary as a very useful resource for those seeking to understand the Gospel of John. On a practical level, it is useful to have the biblical text of the Gospel included in the publication. However, it is the content of the commentary that makes a particularly valuable contribution. The Introduction: the Journey, is a concise overview of the message of the Gospel and is a helpful foundation on which the main commentary builds and develops. Connections between the Gospel and the Old Testament are highlighted and the key words and themes such as 'authority' are clearly explicated. Aspects of Jewish culture and practice that shed light on the Gospel are also explored and explained. Moreover, the commentary is not just a historical study of an ancient text but it also emphasises the relevance and importance of this powerful message for today. Overall, this is an insightful and thought-provoking commentary that will be a useful addition to any Christian’s library.

    Dr James McKeown, Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and member of the Board of the Institute of Theology, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Come and See is a clear, careful and comprehensive exposition of John’s Gospel. It contains many original and helpful insights into the life and work of Jesus. It is particularly strong in seeing Jesus as the fulfilment of the Old Testament Scriptures and in setting His ministry in its original Jewish context. All Christians, young and old, will benefit from it, and the serious enquirer will discover who Jesus is and what it means to follow Him. I am delighted to be able to recommend this book.

    Pastor Leslie Hutchinson, former President of the Association of Baptist Churches in Ireland; Lecturer in Ethics at the Irish Baptist College
  • There is an exciting renaissance in biblical studies yielding blessing after blessing for disciples of Jesus of Nazareth. The simple but profound truth that our Christian roots run deep into the soil of Hebrew language and culture nourishes every area of faith and practice. Roy Millar draws on the best of this scholarship to help paint, from John's context, a portrait of the Jewish Messiah in continuity with Israel's prophetic history and God's redemptive purposes in the world. The startling result helps us recapture the sense of awe in the inspired invitation, ‘come and see’.

    Roy writing displays the clarity of a scholar, the passion of a shepherd, and the skill of an artist. These gifts work in harmony to accomplish the author’s goal of offering you, the reader, a fresh invitation to intimacy with your great Creator. I invite you to read this book.

    James Whitman, President, The Center for Judaic–Christian Studies

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