Bridging the Gaps

“Identifying and overcoming our Church's hidden divisions”

Trevor Neill

ISBN: 9781912726158

184 Pages

Published Jan 2020

Mission and Leadership

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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Are there gaps between what we believe and what we do? Does society influence us more than our theology? Why are churches often places of stress and strain rather than peace and renewal?

In Bridging the Gaps, Trevor Neill shines a compassionate light on the hidden and often unacknowledged contradictions of the contemporary UK church. Exploring their subtle spiritual, social and cultural roots, he demonstrates the adverse effects of these gaps on us all, both individually and collectively.

But with a passionate confidence in God and His people, Trevor shows how we can respond. Each chapter ends with thought-provoking questions exploring how our congregations and communities can be transformed as we fill in the gaps one person and one church at a time.

  • A wide-ranging, thoughtful and unflinching exploration of areas of dissonance that many Christians and churches experience and creative insights into ways of resolving or embracing the tensions these create.

    Stuart Murray-Williams, author, Post-Christendom
  • Trevor Neill is one of the most gifted pastor-theologians that we have. In this book he discusses the great issues facing the Church. Trevor analyses our individualism, the cult of celebrity, our obsession with fads, the shallowness of much of our engagement with the world and our related complicity with power. He understands these things too well to offer any easy answers but instead points to ways forward that, if they form a consistent part of our practice, will actually address the things that are really going on. Trevor calls the church to true discipleship, to deep engagement in prayer, to the practice of lament, to mentoring and to social engagement based on reciprocity. The discussion questions after each chapter help make this a fine book for both personal and for group study for those who want to think deeply about church and society today.

    Steve Finamore, Principal, Bristol Baptist College

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