At Therapy’s End

“Facing the past would give them hope for the future”

Susie Flashman Jarvis

ISBN: 9781909728301

228 Pages

Published Apr 2015


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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As Alfie’s first birthday draws near, his mother, Sophie, and her family are forced to confront a past they have been trying to shut away for years. Revisiting painful memories, grief threatens to destroy relationships as Sophie and her daughter, Katie, wrestle with guilt, and Simon, their loving husband and father, can only look on in despair.

Grief’s shadow threatens to overwhelm them all, and Sophie finds herself face to face with her abusive childhood. Will they be able to find a way through their heartache to a place of healing and peace? What will they find at therapy’s end?

  • Powerful and poignant, honest and heart-rending, this book opens a window on some painful human experiences, and let's some light in.

    Jeff Lucas, author, broadcaster, speaker
  • This novel is a beautiful example of how a brave life can invite others to be brave too. I hope I can live as bravely as the invitation asks.

    Danielle Strickland, Major, the Salvation Army, Edmonton Canada
  • To say life has its ups and downs is really a bit of an understatement. Every day brings joys and sorrows. Life's learning is about how we do the journey and engage in the reality of life and death. This book brings us a story that gives us insight into how our mind, body and spirit try to deal with these ups and downs and how family and community don't just matter, but are essential to moving on.

    Ruth Dearnley, OBE, CEO, STOP THE TRAFFIK
  • Weaving stories of a dysfunctional past with the present repercussions, the writer movingly leads the reader through the eyes of each player to a place of forgiveness and restoration.

    Nola Leach, Chief Executive, CARE
  • I was intrigued from the first page ... Honest, insightful and enriching, it flowed naturally to a conclusion that was satisfying and thought-provoking at the same time.

    Beth Moran, writer, speaker, church leader and trustee of the women's network Free Range Chicks
  • Susie Flashman Jarvis has told a remarkable story.

    Justyn Rees Larcombe, speaker and author of Tails You Lose
  • I have not been able to put this book down.

    Dilys Threshie, spiritual director
  • At Therapy's End is a heart-warming novel. The story reveals itself in an intriguing way and manages to give an honest insight into the effects of domestic violence and finishes by showing the redemptive power found through a Christian faith.

    Cornelia Chalke
  • I found Susie's book both engaging and moving and at times it brought me to tears.

    Yvette Hazelden, Contract Manager, Look Ahead Care and Support
  • I just couldn't put it down.

    Sharon Brooks, Befriending and supported house coordinator, Jericho Road Project
  • At Therapy s End is more than just a novel; it is Susie suggesting and encouraging others to find ways, whether that be through counselling, writing things down or sharing with others, to work through terrible events that may be thrown up through life's journey with the final result being a triumphant message of hope.

    Libby Sutcliffe, BBC radio presenter, online journalist newsreader and founder of Slavery Free UK

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