A Thorn in My Mind

“Mental Illness, Stigma and the Church”

Dr Cathy Wield

ISBN: 9780955913525

200 Pages

Published Apr 2012

Mental Health

Paperback £9.99 Kindle £4.68
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Cathy Wield is uniquely qualified to write on the subject of mental illness as both a doctor and also a patient, who has experience of both instantaneous miraculous healing, and gradual recovery from severe depression. This is her testimony to ongoing healing and maturity during the process of learning to live with serious illness, and of a God who is with us regardless of our physical or mental state.

This book takes the reader on a journey to learn more about mental illnesses and their treatments. It outlines ways we can help those we know who also have thorns in their minds. And we travel with Cathy on her journey into freedom and joy.

Already the author of the widely acclaimed book Life after Darkness, Cathy has written this book as a contribution to the Church. It is a must read for those who have or have had a mental illness, those who know someone with a mental illness, and those who run churches or communities.

  • This is a remarkable piece of work. I don't know of any other book that deals with depression and mental illness as powerfully, accessibly and beautifully as Cathy's. It will open your eyes to what it's like to wear a garment of despair when all you want to do is change it for a mantle of praise. For those on the long journey of depression, here is honesty and hope. For those who have depressed friends or family members, here is wisdom – potentially life-changing wisdom. I unreservedly recommend A Thorn in my Mind. This book truly connects the reader with Abba, Father's compassionate heart for those whose minds are troubled and whose hearts are broken. You will never be the same after reading it.

    Revd Dr Mark Stibbe, The Father's House Trust
  • Reading Cathy's story has been a great encouragement and blessing. However, the book is also deeply challenging. Cathy's story challenges me to consider my own perspectives, prejudices and assumptions. It has changed how I understand and have compassion on others. It has changed how I use certain aspects of our English language. And it has totally changed my understanding about those who suffer from mental illnesses. For those who are involved in pastoral ministry, for those who know anyone with a mental illness, for those who know another human being – you should read this book.

    Helen Roberts, Executive Minister, Wellspring Church, Watford
  • Most of us have very small windows of tolerance when it comes to mental illness in other people. This book, with its story of unbelievable vulnerability and resilience in the face of depression, stretched my window of tolerance enormously by its sheer humanity and grace. You must read it!

    Revd Shaun Lambert, Baptist Minister, Counsellor and Psychotherapist, author of A Book of Sparks - a Study in Christian MindFullness

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