A Spring Awakening

“Sometimes, when things seem to be better, they really aren't. They really, really aren't.”

Chris Cottee

ISBN: 9781909728790

224 Pages

Published Jan 2018


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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Sometimes, when things seem to be better, they really aren’t. They really, really aren’t.
David Sourbook thought he’d been saved. He thought his problems were behind him. A new life had opened up before him, with a new lady friend, a new faith and a new circle of friends.
But was it really that simple?
Dark depths began to open up beneath his feet.
Long-buried influences reached out to grab him.
Long-forgotten hurts twisted his mind and his heart.
Getting free wasn’t going to be anything like easy.
And these new people, even his lady friend, were they really helping him, or blind to his actual needs?
Was he stumbling towards the light – or into the night?
  • Anyone who knows Chris would agree that he is a great storyteller. He writes as he speaks! A Spring Awakening is a good read full of perceptive observations about what makes us human. The characters are developed in such a way that we see ourselves, our struggles and our hopes in them.

    Mike Pilavachi, Author and Senior Pastor, Soul Survivor Watford
  • A powerful, compelling tale of one mans painful journey towards true faith portrayed with realism and insight wrapped in evocative and elegant prose. Eminently readable.

    Baroness Dorothy Thornhill MBE, Elected Mayor of Watford

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