A Guide to the End of the World

“Rapture? Anitchrist? Millennium? Heaven?”

Pete Lowman

ISBN: 9781909728851

224 Pages

Published May 2018

Christian Life

Paperback £8.99 Kindle £5.99
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Will I be ‘raptured’? Will there be an ‘antichrist’? What might heaven be like? And did someone mention a ‘Millennium’??

In A Guide to the End of the World, Pete Lowman skilfully tackles all these questions and more! Guiding us through the Biblical end-time prophecies, he reflects on how these glorious, terrifying and perplexing visions might find fulfilment in our post-modern world.

Differing views on key Scriptures are presented, together with concise and accessible analyses of Revelation and Christ’s famous Matthew 24 discourse, leaving readers with a thorough grasp of the issues.

Steeped in Scripture and overflowing with heartfelt passion for God, A Guide to the End of the World will leave you more informed and more desirous of Jesus’ return, whatever you conclude!

  • When I was a young Christian in my teens, it was common to hear many sermons about the second coming of Christ. One of the weaknesses of evangelicalism today is that in our attempts to engage with the contemporary world we have perhaps played down, or de-emphasised, the biblical focus on the second coming as well as on the hope of heaven. That weakness needs to be addressed, and Pete Lowman has done us a great service in attempting to bring to the fore once again the biblical teaching on the certainty of Christ’s coming. Even if some readers may hold a different perspective on the detail, we should all heed the urgent call to watch and pray and to live in the light of the certainty of Christ’s return, His judgement on the unbelieving world and the hope of heaven – a great comfort to God’s people.

    Lindsay Brown, former international director of IFES
  • Pete Lowman has written this racy little book because he wants us to be joyously enthusiastic and confident about the second coming of Jesus, the end of history and the defeat of evil. Carefully exploring and laying out the premillennial view (a phrase he dislikes), Pete shows how our understanding of the last days should be a powerful motivation for radical holiness and evangelism. Not everyone will agree with Pete’s reading (I don’t!). But, nevertheless, this book will excite anyone about God’s plan for the future and encourage you get to grips with what the Bible says about the greatest thing still to happen to Planet Earth!

    Marcus Honeysett, director of Living Leadership

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