A Christmas Calling

“Many voices sounding, but in them all comes one offer of a soul”

Chris Cottee

ISBN: 9781909728707

304 Pages

Published Sep 2017


Paperback £8.99 Kindle £1.99
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Was she a friend or was she an angel?

He couldn’t tell!

David Sourbook is a callous man. Locked inside his sneering heart, Christmas jollities and festive cheer leave him cold. Stone cold. This year though, a chance encounter with a mysterious companion, Angela, will herald a change!

But can she be trusted?

As Angela guides him through the town, immersing him in an alien world he has not known, his frozen heart begins to melt. But when the troubling roots of his nature are laid bare, David must choose between the pitiless certainties of his dark heart and the wild, untamed joys of Christmas.

The choice he makes will change his life forever!

  • A Christmas Calling is a wonderful read. In the tradition of A Christmas Carol, it is insightful, at times sad, understanding of the human condition and full of hope. Chris is a gifted preacher and teacher and he uses these gifts to great effect in the writing of this book.

    Mike Pilavachi, author and senior pastor of Soul Survivor
  • I was absorbed by this book and thoroughly enjoyed it. It moved me in many ways. A slow burner to begin with, this profound and very human tale bursts into flame and will consume the reader all the way to its final unexpected flicker right at the end.

    Baroness Dorothy Thornhill MBE, Elected Mayor of Watford

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