Steve Uppal

Steve Uppal has been Senior Leader at All Nations, Wolverhampton, since 2001. He is well-known locally, regionally and nationally as an anointed and inspiring speaker. Steve has a growing apostolic ministry amongst a number of churches that look to him as a wise father or master builder.

The All Nations movement is a network based on relationship, not an organisation. Some congregations are becoming campuses or locations of All Nations Church, others are separate but have growing links, sharing wisdom and teaching. Steve has a passion for the local church as God’s means of working in the world and as Jesus’ bride. He, therefore, has a passion for local churches to be built into relational networks to be well founded and fruitful.

Throughout its history, All Nations Church has been committed to the full gospel and to serving the community, especially those at the margins. All Nations’ vision now encompasses nations across the globe: ‘for all people to glorify God through knowing Christ, becoming like Christ and making Christ known.’ Steve and All Nations Church have established strong links in several other countries, particularly in North India, where there is a base for training and works of compassion and outreach.

Steve’s preaching and example are focussed on pressing into the presence of God, helping believers live life to the full as part of a local church, living intentionally and seeking God. Intimacy with God and total dependence upon the Holy Spirit are keys to seeing the Kingdom advance. His books and broadcasts on Christian radio and TV have already helped many to rise up into their God-given calling and inheritance.

Steve is married to Esther, who is also a senior pastor at the church, and they have four children: Bethany, born in 1998; Sophia, born in 2000; Joel, born in 2003; and Judah, born in 2005. Family life is a priority for Steve. ‘If faith does not work at home, it is not true biblical faith,’ he says.

Books by Steve Uppal

  • Rouse the Warriors

    Steve Uppal

    All over the world, God is calling His Church to rise up, take her rightful place and fulfil her glorious destiny. But time is short...

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