Nigel Rostock

Nigel is a vicar in the Church of England, as well as a Pioneer Priest, and currently serves as European President of God’s Squad Christian Motorcycle Club!

He has a passion for biking, and has recently enjoyed riding within Europe, America, and Australia. For the past sixteen years he has ridden, maintained and adapted his Harley Davidson motorcycle, which has carried him over 160,000 miles across Europe, sometimes with his wife, Alison, on the back.

He currently ministers at St Peter’s Church in Braunstone, Leicester, which coincidentally is where he was married to Alison in 1985. Nigel has both a BA and an MA in theology, and has published aspects of a PhD, which is a work in progress, relating to the Trinity.

Prior to the ministry, he worked as a teacher and in Christian ministry with homeless men. He has spoken in Europe and America, in churches, universities, and at conferences, as well as various pubs.

He and Alison have three children, and six grandchildren, who keep them very busy!

Discover more in this BBC radio Leicester interview.

Books by Nigel Rostock

  • Stories from the Road

    Nigel Rostock

    ‘Looking back, if I had known that I would be swamped in a full-blown flood in Rome, that both brakes would fail in the Alps, or that I would be sliding sideways on loose gravel towards a sheer drop, I may never have taken the Harley out of the garage. But God had other ideas...’

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