Peter Mockford

Peter is the Bishop of Lichfield’s officer for the deliverance ministry and leads a team of thirty people, helping churches deal with issues that involve deliverance. He is also a full time Vicar in an urban parish and a UKCP registered psychotherapist.

Peter is involved in equipping the wider church in the deliverance ministry, having done conferences both in the UK and Sweden. His passion is to see the deliverance ministry become part and parcel of normal Christian living in the western church.

He has written two books, Lightning from Heaven (with John Widdas) and most recently Light and Liberty, published by Instant Apostle.

Peter enjoys mountain-walking, photography and spending time with his chocolate Labrador, ‘Jess’. He is married with three children and one grandchild.

Books by Peter Mockford

  • Light and Liberty

    Peter Mockford

    As Western awareness of spirituality increases, Peter Mockford believes deliverance ministry will be critical to the church's mission and future success.

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