Pete Lowman

Pete Lowman worked for the international student Christian Union movement IFES for 23 years, editing its global magazine IN TOUCH, and then, after the USSR opened up, coordinating the pioneering of CU movements in five successor republics including western Russia. He has shared his enthusiasm for God with students in nearly 30 countries. With a love of Bible exposition, after leaving IFES he co-pastored Wycliffe Church in Reading, England, for 15 years.

Pete has a doctorate in English literature on God and the novel, adapted versions of which have been published as Fictional Absence and Chronicles of Heaven Unshackled, both of which are currently accessible on His other publications include Gateways to God, on renewing our spirituality through `pioneering’ in the Bible; A Long Way East of Eden, on the loss of God as the key to grasping postmodern western culture (also accessible on; The Day of His Power, a history of the student CU movements worldwide; and Perceptions of a Great Country, a study of Russian culture published in Moscow. He has also developed many of Living Leadership’s online resources for church leaders on pastoral crisis issues, training for homegroup leaders, and apologetics training.

He is married to Dorothea and has two adult children. His ideal way of relaxing is travelling with his family or swapping stories with friends in Chinese restaurants! He now works for Operation Mobilisation, coordinating OM’s partnerships with churches in London and Berkshire.

Books by Pete Lowman

  • A Guide to the End of the World

    Pete Lowman

    Will I be 'raptured'? Will there be an 'antichrist'? What might heaven be like? And did someone mention a 'Millennium'??

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