Clare Lambert

Clare is a church leader in North West London and her passion is to see the church equipped in Word and Spirit to bring the Good News of Jesus to their neighbours.

Clare has recently been responding to a calling to remind the church of the ongoing significance of Israel and the Jews in God’s purposes for the world, the subject of her book The Returning King.

She is involved in prayer ministry, both in the church and out in the neighbourhood via ‘Healing on the Streets’, and is also responsible for the church Youth Programme. Beyond this, Clare is engaged in teaching and preaching in the wider church family and at conferences. She also leads group tours to Israel!

She is kept otherwise occupied by two teenage children and an energetic dog.

Books by Clare Lambert

  • The Returning King

    Clare Lambert

    Are the Jewish people still part of God's plan? Does the land of Israel figure in Christ's return? Has Jesus' second coming slipped...

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