Susie Flashman Jarvis

Susie’s early career as a fashion-model saw her travel the globe before she later trained as a counsellor. She has now spent almost 20 years’ working with couples and individuals, and also has extensive experience as an executive coach, working with leaders in business and the church.

In her autobiography Potholes and Belly-flops, Susie tells with unswerving honesty her journey of addiction, offering a hand of hope to those who feel alone in their difficulties. In her novel At Therapy’s End, she draws on her years of experience working as a therapist to highlight the issues faced by children who witness domestic abuse and how they can find restoration.

A dynamic communicator, Susie has regular speaking engagements around the UK, and is an ambassador for Restored, working to end violence against women.

Books by Susie Flashman Jarvis

  • At Therapy's End

    Susie Flashman Jarvis

    As Alfie's first birthday draws near, his mother, Sophie, and her family are forced to confront a past they have been trying to shut away for years. Revisiting painful memories, grief threatens to destroy relationships as Sophie and her daughter, Katie, wrestle with guilt, and Simon, their loving husband and father, can only look on in despair.

  • Potholes and Belly-flops

    Susie Flashman Jarvis

    Page Three model, serially unfaithful, heroin addict.

    Loving mother, honourable wife, daughter of God.

    Two lives. One woman. One God.

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