Liz Grier

Liz’s life could have gone in many directions. From an early age she made the somewhat unusual musical choice of playing the harp. Born into an scientific and academic family, no one was surprised when she went to Oxford to study Physics. She went on to gain a doctorate and work in research funding, but only for a season. One option which definitely wasn’t on the cards was church leadership or half marathons.

Following Oxford, Liz moved to Birmingham and then finally sunny Devon, where she is now. Along the way she has gathered a vicar husband, James, two gorgeous sons, Josh and Toby, two cats, Jack and Jelly, five chickens, too many to list their names, two ducks and two rabbits. She has also shifted from scientific research to professional harp playing and teaching. She took up running and has become an accomplished cake baker and cook. She loves all sorts of things crafty. Liz is happiest when in sight of the sea – any water is good but the sea is best. More important than all of that is her faith and the fact that she would follow Jesus wherever she is called.

Liz leads a church in Exeter, which she started with her husband, called Unlimited. It is a multi-generational missional church within the Church of England which exists to reach and care for youth on the margins.

Books by Liz Grier

  • Beginning Unlimited

    Liz Grier

    Introducing: one young mum, one vicar, two small boys and a call – maybe! – to pioneer a church for young people who don’t do church in Devon.

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