Don Gee

Don was born in the flat lands of the fens of East Anglia and has spent most of his life in that part of the world. Professionally, on leaving school he worked in engineering, then was the first manager at Sizewell Hall Christian Conference Centre on the east coast. He worked as building manager for various Christian charities and spent many years in church ministry.

Don and his wife Heather have regularly opened their home to those needing a helping hand to get on in life. On retirement, he has taken up writing, having had his first book published by Instant Apostle in October 2017.

Books by Don Gee

  • Life Lines

    Don Gee

    'I can't go on!' - 'Life's not fair!' - 'If only...' ...cries as common today as in Capernaum 2000 years ago!

    Life Lines imagines the stories of four desperate people who reached out to Jesus in the Gospels: An abused woman, a troubled teen...

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