NEW BOOK: Live Deeply

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It’s Time to Get Out of the Shallows!

‘His use of Scripture brings the Word alive and you come away stirred, with a longing to live deeply.’
Anne Calver, Unleashed Church

Live Deeply is a manifesto for the dissatisfied. It is a call to those who find themselves paddling around in the shallows but can hear the Father bidding them come deeper. It is an accessible and enticing challenge to leave the shore behind and launch out into the depths with God!

Following on from Wholehearted, this is experienced pastor, Duncan Clark’s second book,. Succinct and direct, it is made up of eight punchy chapters, each with accompanying questions for discussion and points for reflection. Based around 1 John 2:24-28, where The Message version calls us to ‘live deeply in what [we] were taught’, it picks up on these verses and shows us how we can put down deep roots in Christ – ‘remain’ in Him, as the NIV puts it – and allow our character and conduct to be shaped by Christ’s presence – ‘continue’ in Him.

Duncan comments, ‘Live Deeply emerged out of my own wrestling with two temptations: to skim my relationship with God and live in the shallows. At a time in history when life is so often defined by hurry and distraction, I wanted to explore what it would look like to rebel against the magnetic pull of the culture and find a way to go deeper.’

Do you long to put down deep roots in an age of mobility, to be able to embrace mystery when you crave certainty, and to choose humility when the world centres self-promotion? Are you willing to let go of your need to control and offer up prayers of relinquishment? Above all, are you willing to press into what it means to truly love, because that is the deepest and most excellent way?

Read Live Deeply and find the courage and inspiration to truly ‘live deeply’ in Christ!

‘It will spark a deep desire to draw close to God and make you hunger for His presence. It will encourage a good personal devotional life by creating intentional moments of stillness in God’s presence.’
Pastor Kojo Wood, Senior Pastor, Elim Church International (Stevenage); member of Elim National Leadership Team


Live Deeply by Duncan Clark (ISBN: 9781912726790) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 16th February 2024 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life, paperback, 144pp, £12.99.

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    Duncan Clark is the Senior Pastor of the Elim Pentecostal Church in Coventry where he has served for over twenty...

  • Live Deeply

    Duncan Clark

    Live Deeply offers an enticing challenge to leave faith’s shallows behind and to launch out into deep waters with God. Accessible and reflective, it invites you to put down deep roots in Christ – to ‘remain’ in Him – and to allow your character and conduct to be shaped by His presence – to ‘continue’...