Inspirational and moving

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‘A must read if you feel you have a journey that is difficult to face – learn how to face adversity and smile and live each day in the face of that’

  • June Whitehouse

    June lives in the West Midlands and has been married to Clive for some sixty years! They had two daughters and faced many traumatic times with Tracey’s life-threatening illness. Stretched far beyond her limits, she leaned into God, and her faith and love for the Lord became a pivotal part of her life. June was a committed fund raiser and ambassador for...

  • A Hand Stretched Across the Void

    June Whitehouse

    Tracey dialysed every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, and regularly attended hospital clinics; how different her life was to most teenage girls – but if the right kidney came, everything could change!
    This is the heartfelt story of...