Explore the Christian themes of The Sound of Music – Bryony Wood with Premier Christian Radio

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Have you ever watched a secular movie in which you stopped and thought… ‘hang on, this feels a bit Christian’? Well Rev Bryony Wood felt this was the case with the classic 1965 film, The Sound of Music.

So much so that she wrote a book about it! She was interviewed on Faith Hope and Love by Donna Birrell, talking about her book The Sound of Musings which unpacks all the Christian themes within the film…

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  • Bryony Wood

    Once upon a time, Bryony wanted to be a nun and run across the hills wearing a dress made of old curtains. Then she grew up and sold Tupperware and books, organised Arts events, produced and presented Christian Radio programmes, wrote lots of different things for different magazines...

  • The Sound of Musings

    Bryony Wood

    The Sound of Musings deftly traces Maria von Trapp’s journey through the iconic film, The Sound of Music. Inviting us to dance from scene to scene with the captivating and much-loved, ‘flibbertigibbet’ nun-turned-governess, Bryony Wood draws out profound and accessible insights to encourage us in our own journeys of faith…