NEW BOOK: The Crucible of Leadership

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‘An informed consideration of leadership, underpinned by the careful use of Scripture, wide reading and recent research.’
Rev Dr Derek Tidball, former Principal of the London School of Theology

In recent years, there has been a craze for all things ‘leadership’, with one fad after another promising dramatic change. But as headlines have proven in recent months, just what constitutes good leadership is very far from settled. So if the quick fixes don’t work, where can we turn to discover how we might lead well, in church or in the workplace, when our time comes?

In The Crucible of Leadership, experienced Christian leader and Bible college lecturer, Alan Wilson, draws nine striking leadership lessons from the life of Moses that are rooted in character and Moses’ journey with the Lord. Leadership can be challenging, and from his precarious birth in Egypt through to decades of exile in the wilderness and responsibility for a reluctant nation, Moses was familiar with the crucible. Yet his responses made him one of the greatest leaders in Israel’s history, and have much to teach us about how God works throughout our lives to shape us and our calling – whatever stage of life we are at.

Blending insights and reflections from many spheres with an analysis of Moses’ life, Alan forensically explores how important character is to a leader’s success, in both the short term and – perhaps especially – the long term. His aim is not to give us a ‘how-to guide’ with a host of techniques we can deploy, but rather to help us understand the personal nature of leadership and to consider how God may be working in our own lives at any given point to shape us for the roles we take on.

Alan comments, ‘I have long been intrigued by the idea of the life of Moses as a paradigm of the leadership journey, and writing the book has allowed me to bring together many of the observations on the life of a leader that have been percolating for some time.’

Whether you are just entering into leadership and wondering where it may take you, or are well travelled and wondering how to finish well, The Crucible of Leadership’s foundational insights and vital questions will mature your relationship with God and give you wisdom for the journey ahead.

‘From foundations and formation to finishing well, The Crucible of Leadership focuses on character rather than charisma, on integrity and identity rather than skills or techniques … Highly recommended!’
Ruth Garvey-Williams, Editor of VOX magazine


The Crucible of Leadership by Alan Wilson (ISBN: 9781912726578) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 17th June 2022 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life and Practice, paperback, 224pp, £10.99.



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