Chris Lane in conversation with Mike Pilavachi – community transformation, and how God works in desert times

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Fantastic two-part video interview with Soul Survivor’s Mike Pilavachi and author Chris Lane!

Hear more from Chris in his powerful book Ordinary Miracles, and soon-to-be-published Not Forgotten.



In this first episode, Mike Pilavachi has a conversation with Chris Lane who shares his story of planting and leading a church in Salford. They discuss how being rooted in community brings transformation, the importance of seeing the world through the lens of scripture, and how to keep going when things are messy and difficult.


Continuing their conversation on leadership, Mike and Chris discuss how God works in difficult and desert times, how He doesn’t write anyone off and everyone has a role to play in the church, and what it means to rely on God and His Holy Spirit.



  • Chris Lane

    Chris Lane is a Salford lad who has spent more than two decades in inner-city Langworthy, working with a community of Christians to see their estate transformed. Beyond this, he was a trustee of Soul Survivor Ministries and has completed an MA in Theology, focussing on urban theology, hospitality and the common meal tradition in the gospels and the earliest church.

  • Not Forgotten

    Chris Lane

    How do you keep going when everything seems to be falling apart? Not Forgotten begins at a moment of chaos and despair for Chris Lane and Salford’s Langworthy Community Church. Tracing their journey into hope and healing, Chris shares wider reflections on the wilderness experience...

  • Ordinary Miracles

    Chris Lane

    An inspirational account of mess, meals and miracles!

    When Chris Lane and his friends planted a church on an inner-city estate notorious for crime and deprivation...