NEW BOOK: Worship Leading Essentials

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‘I am profoundly grateful for this practical and accessible book.’
Justin Welby, Archbishop of Canterbury

When experienced worship leader Richard Venable watched his sons, along with many others, stepping into leading worship, he realised the urgent need for a simple guide to inspire, equip and disciple them. Worship Leading Essentials is that book.

With a rich combination of solid biblical teaching and practical advice from more than thirty years’ worship leading, it is an ideal handbook for anyone setting out in worship ministry and those helping to train them. The practical and spiritual fundamentals every modern worship leader needs are covered, including ‘Teamwork and Humility’, ‘Spiritual Gifts’, ‘Seasons and Lament’ and, most importantly, ‘Being a Worshipper’.

Insightful questions then prompt reflection on how these skills and qualities can be acquired and applied across varied church settings. When read with others, the ten chapters and their questions make for a natural ten-week course of study, prayer and discussion.

Richard comments, ‘I would love to see church leaders and worship pastors using this book as a valuable resource to help train up their new generation of worship leaders. This is very much the book I wish I’d had when I started out leading worship years ago!’

Demonstrating how the modern worship leader can help every worshipper find their place, irrespective of talent and gifting, Worship Leading Essentials will inspire new leaders to help their churches discover the heart of worship together. As Justin Welby writes in the foreword, ‘It is my prayer that this practical and accessible book will be used to equip and empower the people of the Church to learn the heart of leading worship in communities around the world.’

‘There is such a need for this book. There really isn’t anything like it to help worship pastors and church ministers with discipling new worship leaders.’
Simon Guillebaud MBE, International Director, Great Lakes Outreach


Worship Leading Essentials by Richard Venable (ISBN: 9781912726554) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 18th February 2022 from bookshops and online retailers. Christian Life and Practice, paperback, 224pp, £9.99.


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