NEW BOOK! Lessons in listening to God

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Moving, life-changing material for 8–11-year-olds
Looking for treasure in people
Learning to listen to God
Applying truth to daily life
Also appeals to adults
Links to main character’s daily lockdown blog

Eleven-year-old Sienna hasn’t noticed the homeless man near her house, until she begins to understand that she is special to God, and so are other people. Along with her brothers, she starts to listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and discovers that God wants to use her to reach out to those around her. She learns to pray for this new friend, and that God can use the little things to speak. However, one big leap of faith leads to a lot of unanswered questions for Sienna. Can she learn to trust God even though she doesn’t understand what He is doing?

Although written for eight- to eleven-year-olds, this book can be read by the whole family. It follows the story of Sienna and her brothers, Jack and Theo, as they encounter a homeless man and begin to apply the lessons they have been learning in Kids’ Church. As they follow God’s prompting, they find that not just their lives, but also the lives of others around them are changed. The aim of the story is to show young people that the biggest adventure they could have is following Jesus and to give them steps in how to do this. With practical teaching woven through the story, and questions at the end to help families go deeper, this story will help both parents and children step out into their own God-adventures.

One reviewer comments, ‘Sienna is taught that she is partnering with God and not responsible for the outcome. How often do we find it hard to let go and let God bring the conclusion He wants? A great book for a child to read but an excellent book to read through with your child, to adventure together in hearing God and seeing Him work in situations.’

Main character, Sienna, is also doing a blog throughout the November lockdown where she processes her struggles and disappointments. Every day, at around 4:30pm, a new post is released, and you can join Sienna as she learns how the Bible can be applied to her life, and find out what fun things Jack and Theo have been up to. The blog can be found on:

Joy says, ‘My heart for this book is that as many kids as possible will read it because it can change lives.’


The Treasure Man by Joy Vee (ISBN:9781912726370) is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 20th November 2020 from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Fiction, paperback, 112pp, £7.99.


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  • The Treasure Man

    Joy Vee

    Sienna has never noticed the homeless man near her house, until she begins to understand how precious we all are to God. With her eyes opened, she and her younger brothers, together with their mum, seek to strike up a friendship with this ‘treasure man’...