Changing the Church to heal our divisions – Ian Mayer with BBC Radio Sheffield

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Author Ian Mayer discusses his new book Are We Brave Enough? with Sarah Major on BBC Radio Sheffield.

How can a church move from being a factory for making believers to a movement for creating disciples?

All too often, the ABC of church is: Attendance, Buildings, Cash. Is there hope for more?

  • Ian Mayer

    Married to Alyson, Ian is an innovative entrepreneur, who connects church, commercial, civic and community leadership, to see influence and transformation. For over 20 years, Ian and Alyson have been responsible for pioneering and growing One Heart One Voice, a unity movement of church leaders based in and around Doncaster, South Yorkshire, in the United Kingdom.

  • Are We Brave Enough?

    Ian Mayer

    With many churches locked into congregational models and brand building, Are We Brave Enough? asks Christians to consider doing 5 things that could change the landscape of local church communities, and help Christians become more effective in transforming the world.