NEW BOOK: New Wine host Mary Kissell’s memoir

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How did a simple daily habit help to transform the lives of thousands?
How can you learn to live in hourly dependence upon God?
Learn how the Holy Spirit speaks and how to pray effectively
Describes paths which have led to a vibrancy of life at every turn
Discover that which you have never seen and known

‘Faith, grace and wisdom on every page. Enjoy!’
Matt Redman, songwriter and worship leader

When 20,000 Christians arrived at New Wine this summer, few could have imagined how humble some of the influences on its origins were. For one member of the New Wine hosting team, Mary Kissell, it all began when she resolved as a young woman to get up early every day to spend time with God at her kitchen table in Cornwall. The intimacy she grew there with Him would transform her life and impact thousands around the world.

Mary says, ‘It is strange that we can spend a lifetime sitting through church services and not really pray. I had spent years doing just that.’ But when she committed to getting up early every morning to spend time in prayer, she began a practice that would revolutionise her life. She says, ‘Most significant for me was discovering through Jesus that God was a loving Heavenly Father. He had hovered on the periphery of my life until I made a choice to get up an hour earlier to make a deeper connection with Him. I found Him at my kitchen table each morning in a humble Cornish cottage.’

Daily developing her relationship with God in this way, she grew in intimacy with Him and discovered how, through the Holy Spirit, He speaks in whispers, glimpses and nudges – simple leadings that can have the profoundest outcomes.

This rich and moving memoir tells the incredible story of how, through Mary simply following the inner promptings of God, countless people around the world were impacted and the most heart-rending situations were transformed. Such practices can be undertaken by any Christian wanting to deepen their relationship with God and be effective in fulfilling His purposes. We may not all be called to help support the founding of a movement like New Wine but we are all called to walk intimately with our Father, and no life lived with Him can fail to impact those around it.

Mary adds, ‘Realising I had lived through a number of seasons compelled me to tell my story for the next generation. My hope is that readers will dare to take faith challenges that will take them beyond their expectations to a deeply fulfilling and godly life. Steps of faith become milestones towards goals that we would never have thought possible.’

Allow Mary’s story to inspire and encourage you to do the same, whatever season of life you are in.

What reviewers say:

‘I worked with the Kissells for nearly twenty years in a very encouraging ministry and found Mary’s biography riveting.’
Bishop David Pytches, founder of New Wine

‘In my late teens and early twenties I’d often get to spend an hour or two with the Kissells. The fruit of those moments was always the same – I’d leave their home refreshed in spirit. This special book from Mary Kissell will likely have the very same effect on you. It’s a refreshing read in the company of someone who loves Jesus dearly, and has learned so much from following Him. As Mary tells her own life story, there are many life lessons for us along the way – on loving people well, trusting God through suffering, and living in dependence on the Holy Spirit of God.’
Matt Redman, songwriter and worship leader

‘A remarkable pilgrimage to read and many lessons to learn from it.’
Debby Wright, Senior Pastor at Trent Vineyard with her husband John; together they are National Directors of Vineyard Churches UK and Ireland

‘There is a compelling depth and integrity about Mary Kissell’s first book. With highly perceptive and some humorous insights she charts a remarkable story of God’s faithfulness in her own life, her marriage and ministry with husband Barry, and their extended family. For this reviewer, who has known and worked with them for many years, the chapter “Give!” goes to the heart of her journey. “Each day we wake receivers of the grace God extends to us. The fact is, we can never out-give God.” Here is a beautifully written book to nourish the soul, raise the level of faith and pass on to others.’
Bishop John Perry, former Bishop of Chelmsford and Southampton; Warden of Lee Abbey, Devon

‘A unique Christian biography! Unique, because Mary Kissell not only charts the good times in her life but also the pains, struggles and disappointments. But she does more! She shows us, her readers, the way through the hard times and the benefits of feeding on the positives. This is a must-read gem!’
Revd Dr Nigel Scotland, Honorary Research Fellow, University of Gloucestershire


Before the Days Draw In (ISBN: 9781909728912) by Mary Kissell is published by Instant Apostle and is available on 21st September from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Non-fiction, paperback, 160pp, £8.99.


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