NEW BOOK: Worlds apart

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How can we stir excitement in children for heaven?
Offers a creative interpretation of the promised ‘new earth’
Can inspire and instil purpose and a sense of adventure in children and parents alike
Third in the thrilling series of Lucy Butterfly dream tales

‘What’s heaven like, Mummy?’ What a question! But it’s one children often ask. How might we answer them? With a description of fluffy clouds or angels with harps? How can we more accurately convey to children what the Bible really teaches about the promised new earth spoken of in Revelation? Once they grasp these truths, what difference could it make to their lives?

Ella In Between, the third book in the Lucy Butterflyseries about a dream kingdom, is a standalone story featuring the adventures of Ella, Lucy’s younger sister. Lucy Butterfly: A Dream Tale and Lucy Ever After are set in the eras before and after Christ respectively, whereas Ella In Between seeks to explore the idea of the ‘new earth’ to come, as stated in the book of Revelation. Heather says, ‘I don’t pretend to know what life will be like on a new earth, except that I think it will be anything but boring! In the end I decided to let my dream kingdom enter its “new earth” phase, to see what would happen. Ella In Between is purely fictional. It’s not trying to be predictive or accurate, and its parallels to the history and destiny of our world are loose. However, what it goes after is the intriguing idea that in just one day everything will change.’

This story is fun, wholesome and adventurous. There is an emphasis on strong friendships, having a purpose for your life, believing in yourself and persevering when things go wrong. It’s also about growing up and beginning to see the needs of those around you.

At the heart of this series is a magical kingdom that two sisters, Lucy and Ella, visit while dreaming; by falling asleep they go through a gateway into this other world. The book portrays two side-by-side realms and the power of encounter to grip a life and propel it into purpose. Colossians 3:1 urges the believer to set their sights on the realities of heaven, not just the things on earth. This is a children’s story, even a parable, illustrating that idea. Ella’s life is radically impacted by her interactions with the dream kingdom. And the treasure hunt she embarks on is like her own personal tutoring in a range of proverb-like truths to shape her thinking. Through all her adventures, real and dream, she grows up and comes to see that her life is important and she can make a difference.

Heather says, ‘I hope the reader might be both entertained and inspired to think about what they might do when they are older. Above all, I hope the reader will carry a sense of adventure into their own lives.’

What reviewers say about the first two books in the series:

‘I really enjoyed reading this book and it’s sequel. I’m looking forward to the final installment! I’ve given it to my 8-year-old grand daughter wondering what she will make of it. I especially liked the build up from a 9-year-old’s perspective right through to a 15-year-old’s awareness.
Looking forward to more from this author!’
David Ian Hale, Amazon reviewer

‘A really clearly and beautifully written tale that marries reality and the dream world to create an exciting and compelling story. The book is refreshing and uplifting yet also challenges its readers to expand their imagination and dream a bigger, brighter and more colourful world. At the same time it encourages the timid to be bolder and sets caring and considerate thoughts and actions as a wholly healthy and positive model to follow A great read for children of all ages but beware once you start it is hard to put down and I for one cannot wait for the next instalment.’
Amazon reviewer

‘As an adult I have loved reading this story and enjoyed the original ideas and adventure. The illustrations make the story come alive and make the book even more accessible for children. This book has a wholesome message, it is well written with beautiful descriptive language and it is fun. It can be read as a straight forward adventure story but also has overtones of a lovely goodness running through it.’
Amazon reviewer

‘A fantastic book in the Lucy Butterfly series – a beautiful tale of rekindling past hopes and dreams. This time Ella, Lucy’s younger sister leads the dream adventure and the girls fight to save their friends and the enchanted kingdom. As with book 1 in the series, Lucy Ever After challenges to stretch our understanding and see our normal life impacted as a result’
Amazon reviewer

‘Loved this even more than the first book. A real page turner!’
Amazon reviewer


Ella In Between (ISBN: 9781909728882) by Heather Cursham will be published by Instant Apostle on 21st September 2018 and will be available from Christian bookshops, bookstores and online retailers. Fiction, paperback, 208pp, £6.99.


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