Welcome to our new website!

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As a sign of Instant Apostle’s growth and continued success, we have created a new, creative and engaging website!

‘We are delighted with the new website and the ability it gives us to promote and highlight our amazing community of writers,’ says Manoj, co-founder of Instant Apostle. ‘A key value of Instant Apostle has always been to bring new and original voices to the market and this updated site helps give them further prominence. I look forward to many of them contributing blogs to the website, highlighting the pressing issues they address in their books and their experiences of writing and faith.’

Another new feature of the redesigned website is the profile we can give to our individual publications. Manoj comments, ‘The book-listing pages have also undergone significant change and it is wonderful to be able to display our full range of titles in such an accessible format. Our fast-growing list deserved updated presentation! Furthermore, a number of overseas publishers have begun to show interest in our titles, with rights being sold for the award-winning Found by Love into a number of markets, and this new layout will help showcase the books.’

‘We have always sought to do things with excellence, a reflection of the God we serve and whose kingdom and values we seek to promote through our books and way of doing business,’ says Manoj. ‘Putting together a website that does this takes time and talent, so a big thank you to Daniel Williams and his Tigerfinch team for all of their work and creativity in the new design and for the ongoing support they are giving. Do check out the services they offer – I highly recommend them.’

Enjoy taking a look around!