Chick Yuill interview with The Profile on Premier Christian Radio

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This week on The Profile, Sam Hailes interviews author and speaker Chick Yuill and Dami Okeke meets the multi award-winning Nigerian Gospel singer Sinach.

Chick is a popular speaker at various Christian events including Spring Harvest and the author of recently released novel Rooks at Dusk. In this interview, Chick explains how CS Lewis’ Screwtape Letters changed his life and recounts some of the controversies which led to him quitting the Salvation Army after decades of ministry. An evangelist at heart, Chick also explains how his novel is intended to reach those outside of the Church…

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  • Chick Yuill

    Chick Yuill has spent over forty-five years in full-time ministry and church leadership. Most of this time has been devoted to leading and pastoring local congregations, both in the UK and the USA. He is a passionate communicator and has appeared on national radio and television in the UK, speaking on issues of faith and morality. He has been a regular speaker at major Christian conferences such as Spring Harvest and ROOTS, and at churches, venues, and conferences throughout the UK as well as in Canada, USA...

  • Rooks at Dusk

    Chick Yuill

    Where can a man find grace when he no longer believes?

    Ray Young, an experienced Christian leader, has been married for almost thirty years. But his once vibrant faith, like his marriage, is steadily fading...