From Hindu priest to peace-filled Christian – Rahil Patel with Christianity Magazine

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Rahil Patel decided to become a Hindu priest. But inner peace eluded him – until he walked into a churchFrom early childhood it was a normal thing to attend the Hindu temple every Saturday and Sunday. Hinduism shaped everything for us.

In 1988, when I was 16, the spiritual head [of our strand of Hinduism], or guru as he was called, came to London and noticed something special in me. By that time I was in charge of youth activities. I was asked to speak in the congregation and I found it very easy. There were about 3,000 people seated there and I spoke for 20 minutes. He said to me: ‘You’ve got a very good gift. Why don’t you think about being a priest? You would be a very, very good priest with us.’

On every level I felt reassured. He was someone who was literally known as God amid a vast Hindu community, internationally. And there was this sudden personal attention and recognition. So after completing my A levels, I went to India to a training centre; a monastery. I did the six years of training for being a priest.

Dedicated Training

The training was intense and vigorous. You are up at quarter to five every morning. There are classes throughout the day; studies of various Indian philosophy doctrines. Alongside that you study all the major world religions.

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  • Rahil Patel

    Devoted to the Hindu scriptures and committed to his faith's rituals and practices, Rahil Patel was a model priest. As a brilliant academic and captivating speaker, he travelled internationally for one of the most influential Hindu organisations in the world, promoting Hindu thought in political, social and economic spheres. Sincere and eloquent, his spiritual counsel was received by politicians, industrialists and celebrities.

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    Rahil Patel

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