From drug addict to daughter of the King – Susie Flashman Jarvis with Premier Life

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Former Page 3 girl Susie Flashman Jarvis tells her story of leaving behind the worlds of modelling and drugs.

I was an angry child. I grew up in a Christian home, but my father was an aggressive man. I was quite disrespectful of him; he and I would fight together.

I went to church as a youngster and was baptised voluntarily at the age of 17. I had head knowledge of God, but no relationship with him.

As a teenager I was quite lary. I was in the top class at school but I messed about. I began to play around with drugs as a bored, middle-class schoolkid. In those days you could go and smoke cannabis, and there was speed and LSD. But I’m the only one from my peer group who ended up as I did.

I left home at 17 to start training to become a nurse. I met a young man and moved into a flat with him. My father disowned me and my mother bought me a pressure cooker. From then on, things began to get a little out of control.

Topless Modelling

At 19, I went travelling in India with this boyfriend. When I got back, I got a job in the Jobcentre, who asked me to model for them; to act as a client. I asked the photographer to take some photos of me. So we went out to a field and I had a tiny little skirt and top on. He said, ‘Take your top off, then’, and for some reason I just did.

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